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Repair Method For HDPE Pipe

Apr. 29, 2019

As an HDPE Corrugated Pipe Factory, we will introduce you to the regulations on HDPE pipe repair methods. Let's have a friend to find out.

The damaged part of the outer wall of the HDPE pipe shows that the broken pipe wall or hole is completely removed by the scraper when the pipe wall is broken or the hole is 0.1m long. The hexanone is cleaned within 0.05m around the rejecting part, and the water-resistant plastic bond is good. The agent is removed from the corresponding part of the same pipe and the curved plate is twice as large as the damaged area. The inner wall is coated with an adhesive buckle attached to the damaged part and wrapped with lead wire. If the outer wall of the tube is ribbed, the ribs within 0.05 m of the damaged part are removed, and the ribs are scraped without ribs, and the same method is used to remedy the above.

When the outer wall of the HDPE pipe is cracked or the hole is less than 0.02m, the water inside the pipe may be removed first, and the damaged part shall be cleaned with cotton yarn, and then the water resistance is good after brushing the base surface with the cyclohexanone. Plastic adhesive; and take the similar shape and size of the plate from the corresponding part of the unused pipe, bond it, wrap it with geotextile, and re-solidify after curing for 24 hours.

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