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Tips For HDPE Pipe Waterway Renovation

Apr. 27, 2019

HDPE pipe is a good pipe in the home renovation waterway. As a Dredging Pipe Factory, let's introduce the relevant knowledge below:

First of all, the piping of the PE pipe fittings waterway should be slotted, and the buried pipe should be in the wall and in the ground.

Secondly, it should be noted that as long as it can be buried in the pipe, do not damage the structural layer, and the hot and cold water outlets must be parallel.

Once again, after the completion of the waterway transformation, the HDPE pipe should be subjected to a compression test, a test pressure of 8 kg, and a voltage stabilization time of 30 minutes, and it is better to have a waterway map after the ppr pipe waterway transformation, so as to avoid accidental hitting of the water pipe in the subsequent decoration.

The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of HDPE pipe waterway transformation. Our company also offers HDPE Water Supply Pipe. Welcome to order our company's quality pipe fittings.

HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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