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Four Major Uses Of Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply Pipe

Sep. 28, 2018

Four major uses of Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply Pipe:

1. Civil and public works applications:

HDPE Water Supply Pipe is widely used in telecom pipeline outer protection pipes, telecom pipeline inner protection pipes, telecom and fiber optic pipelines, simple water pipes, urban storm water collection and discharge systems.

2. Construction Engineering Application:

HDPE Water Supply Pipe is widely used in building foundation drainage pipes, domestic sewage discharge systems, roof collection drainage systems, pool overflow treatment, side ditch drainage, building drainage systems, and sky garden drainage systems.

3. Leisure engineering application:

HDPE Water Supply Pipe is widely used in various sports ground culvert drainage systems, horticultural water supply systems, park playground drainage facilities, and parking lot rainwater collection and discharge pipes.

4. Agricultural Engineering Application:

HDPE universal pipe is equipped with various PE pipe joints and PE pipe fittings, and is widely used in agricultural land drainage pipes, crop irrigation systems, storage ventilation systems, arable land consolidation culvert drainage systems, storage tank culvert drainage and water retention systems, and waterway systems.

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Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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