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Usage Precautions Of HDPE Pipe

Sep. 21, 2018

Although the HDPE pipeline has been successfully applied in many fields, there are still several things to be aware of in the HDPE Trenchless Pipe.

1. Welding: When hot-melt connection, the temperature must be 210±10°C, so be careful to avoid over-burning.

2. Buried: When working in the trench, the necessary safety measures must be considered.

3. Test: It is recommended to use water as the pressure test medium. During the test, measures should be taken to prevent the pipeline from moving or being damaged.

4. Positioning: Polyethylene materials cannot be controlled by magnetic positioning equipment. Other methods can be used to detect polyethylene pipelines, including trace lines, marking strips, test strips, line markings, electronic marking systems and voice-activated pipeline tracer methods. .

5. Air Pressure: HDPE trenchless pipe can not be used in the field of high pressure gas delivery.

6. Scope of application: HDPE trenchless pipe is not recommended for some occasions. Please consult the supplier for chemical resistance.

7. Static electricity: HDPE trenchless pipe is mixed with high static electricity. In the case of flammable and explosive gas, the corresponding measures to eliminate static electricity should be taken.

8. Impact performance: HDPE trenchless pipe has good impact resistance. Use a hammer to tap the pipe. It should be noted that the pipe will produce a certain resilience.

9. Coil: The small-diameter HDPE trenchless pipe coiled has energy like a spring. If the tape is cut, it will produce a large resilience.

10. Storage: If the pipes must be stacked and stored, avoid excessive accumulation and should be stacked in a straight line. If the pipes are not properly stacked, the pipes may be deformed.

11. Weight: Although the HDPE trenchless pipe is lighter than other traditional pipes, it still has a certain weight, so care should be taken during handling and construction.

12. Unloading: The correct unloading facility must be used. All tools used for handling should be inspected for compliance.

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Usage Precautions Of HDPE Pipe

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