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Eight Problems And Solutions Of PE Pipe Quality

Sep. 29, 2018

Unexpected quality problems often occur in the production process of PE Pipes, which are generally caused by problems with equipment or raw materials. The following ones introduce the common PE pipe quality problems and the causes and solutions to the quality problems.

First, the surface of the pipe is corrugated.

2. The size of the seal ring is not suitable, forming a vibration phenomenon. Solution: Increase the sizing amount of water or increase the distance between the mouth and the sizing sleeve. Check if the vacuum groove seal is small. replace or properly reduce the vacuum of the first vacuum chamber and increase the vacuum of the second vacuum chamber.

Second, the surface pitting (mainly the inner wall)

Reasons: 1. Raw materials contain impurities. 2. The inner wall of the mouth and core touch is not clean. 3. The local temperature is too high,

Lead to aging. Solution: 1. Check the raw materials. 2. Clean up or transition for a while. 3. Check the temperature sensor.

Third, the surface pit.

Reasons: 1 Raw material tide, bubble rupture 2 sizing amount of water is not uniform. Solution: 1 raw material drying 2 adjust the water volume or replace the sizing sleeve

Fourth, the surface is bright.

Solution: The sizing amount is insufficient. Solution: Increase the sizing amount of water or replace the sizing sleeve with a large amount of water.

5. The inner and outer walls are axially rough. Reason: The water content of the raw material is too high. Solution: Raw material drying treatment.

Sixth, the surface is not bright.

Cause: The melt temperature is not suitable or there is a problem with the raw material. Solution: Adjust melt temperature or replace raw materials

Seven, the outer surface scratches.

Cause: Sandstone is attached to the sizing sleeve, support plate or seal ring. Solution: Clean the sizing sleeve, support plate or seal

Eight, the outer surface water line.

Reason: The local water eye of the sizing sleeve is blocked, causing the water volume of individual water eyes to be too large. Solution: Clean the sizing sleeve.

PE pipe manufacturers must establish a strict raw material supplier evaluation procedure, select appropriate raw materials and conduct appropriate treatment according to the detection of raw materials. HDPE Trenchless Pipe belongs to PE pipe. We also have Municipal engineering HDPE pipe. If you have any questions, Please contact us.

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