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The Seven Characteristics Of HDPE Siphon Pipe

Oct. 25, 2018

The working principle of the HDPE Siphon Pipe drainage system: the use of gravity to create a partial vacuum in the pipe, resulting in a siphon phenomenon. With the siphon effect, the drainage system can quickly and completely clear the house area water without any slope, and is widely applicable to roofing of any material and shape. The system consists of a rain bucket, drain pipes and fittings, as well as specially designed fixtures. Then HDPE Siphon Pipe Factory tells you the characteristics of the siphon:

1. The rain bucket is flexible on the roof and can adapt to the artistic shape of modern buildings. It is easy to meet the rainwater discharge of irregular roofs.

2, single bucket large displacement, less roof opening, reduce the probability of roof leakage, reduce the roof waterproof pressure.

3. The number of siphon pipes is small and the diameter is small, which satisfies the aesthetic requirements of modern buildings and the large-scale landmark buildings, and the rainwater discharge of various large-span roofs and high-rise buildings.

4. The system has high safety. The pipeline can be set according to the needs, and it can meet the rainwater discharge of modern large shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, warehouses and metal roofs of various grid structures without affecting the building functions and space.

5. Under the design flow rate, there is no air vortex in the full flow of the system, the drainage is efficient and the noise is small, and it can perfectly match the acoustic requirements of modern cinema, theater, convention center, old point library, school hospital.

6. The pipeline design meets the requirements of positive and negative pressure at the same time, which can ensure the inspection and acceptance of the pipeline full of water through the high-rise and super high-rise buildings, and can avoid the negative pressure out of control to ensure the normal operation of the system.

7. Due to the small diameter of the pipeline, the small total length and the simple installation of the system, the pipeline cost and installation cost are reduced. There is no special requirement for the installation of the pipeline, so that the siphon rainwater drainage system is favored by many owners and construction units.

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HDPE Siphon Pipe

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