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Five Major Considerations For Pe Pipe Hydraulic Test

Oct. 23, 2018

As a kind of thermoplastic material, Pe pipe has the characteristics of creep and stress relaxation. During the hydrostatic test, the creep of pe pipe will lead to a downward trend for a period of time. The test pressure is longer and water injection is required. The pressure is compensated, so the method of judging the hydrostatic test is different from the ordinary pipe engineering. It is necessary to fully understand the phenomenon that the pressure of the PE pipe drops during the pressure test.

1.pe pipe is a flexible pipe, the pressure is too fast and too high, it will produce a slight expansion, which may lead to errors in the water pressure test. Therefore, when pressurizing, press the pump to slowly increase the pressure, the boosting time should not be less than 10 minutes, and the voltage is regulated for 1 hour, so as to eliminate the interference of the pipe expansion on the test pressure result.

2. Slowly inject water into the pressure test pipe section, and at the same time discharge the air inside the pipe, and gradually block the water distribution points.

3. For bonded pe pipe, the hydraulic test must be carried out 24 hours after the bonding installation is completed to avoid insufficient curing time, resulting in the interface being disengaged and leaking.

4. After 1 hour of voltage regulation, after no penetration, replenish the pressure to the specified pressure test value, and the pressure drop within 15 minutes does not exceed 0.05mpa.

5. The test pressure value is the lowest point of the end of the pipe of pe pipe. If the pressure at the highest point of the pipe exceeds 1.0 mpa, the pipe of PE pipe shall adopt the method of segmental pressure test.

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