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How Does The HDPE Siphon Pipe System Work?

Jan. 10, 2019

The HDPE Siphon Pipe System is actually caused by the difference between the liquid-molecular attraction and the potential energy of the siphon phenomenon, that is, the water column pressure difference is used to make the water rise and then flow to a low position. Since the water surface of the HDPE Siphon Pipe is subjected to different atmospheric pressures, the water will flow from the pressure side to the pressure side until the atmospheric pressure on both sides is equal. The water level in the HDPE Siphon Pipe becomes the same height and the water stops flowing. At normal atmospheric pressure, the HDPE Siphon Pipe works better than in vacuum because the atmospheric pressure on the nozzles on both sides increases the pressure inside the entire siphon.

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HDPE Siphon Pipe System

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