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How To Choose HDPE Pipe Correctly?

Jan. 07, 2019

With the increasing use of HDPE Pipe, there are more and more HDPE Drainage Pipe Factory products on the market, but there is a situation in which the products are mixed. So how to identify the quality of HDPE Pipe has become a topic of concern to buyers, so I will give some of my thoughts to everyone:

1. Observation method. It is through the eyes to observe and judge intuitively. Large Diameter HDPE Pipe is a polymer material with a relatively large molecular weight, so the surface is more round and shiny. This is a qualified product. Conversely, if the surface is dull or whitish, and even if there are bubbles on the surface, it means that the product quality is better. Second, it is possible to use refurbishment materials or additives.

2. Touch method. The real HDPE Pipe is smooth with a smooth surface and a layer of oil film, while the defective product is rough. This is a good judgment.

3. Experimental method. It can be squeezed or bent by force. The good HDPE Pipe is more tough and not easy to damage. The bad material is very brittle and the ductility is not good

Large Diameter HDPE Pipe

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