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What Are The Product Offers For Shandong Tengyuan Christmas?

Dec. 25, 2018

During the Christmas promotion, Shandong Tengyuan HDPE Irrigation Pipe is in the promotion.

This is a promotion for the old customers, the price of HDPE Irrigation Pipe will have a big discount during Christmas. We are a high-tech enterprise collecting R&D, production and marketing. Currently, our main products contain 6 systems of municipal engineering, gas engineering, dredging engineering, mining engineering, agricultural irrigation, electricity engineering, more than 20 series of HDPE water supply pipes , HDPE dredging pipes, HDPE gas pipes, HDPE flame-retardant & antistatic mining pipes, HDPE GSHP pipes, HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipes, HDPE pipe fittings, MPP electrical conduits and so on and more than 6000 specifications. Please feel free to contact us. We'd like to provide you our best service.

Shandong Tengyuan wishes friends a Merry Christmas.

HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipes

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