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Application Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe On Drainage Pipes

Dec. 28, 2018

Nowadays, the real estate industry is developing rapidly. On the construction site, we can see a black plastic tube with a large diameter and a circle of corrugated plastic tubes on the pipe wall. What is this? In fact, this is a new type of plastic drain pipe, the industrial term is called HDPE Corrugated Pipe, its most important material is high-density polyethylene, but this pipe has pure German origin, which was first born in the 1980s, by Germany. After successful research and development, the production system and application technology have been perfected and advanced through decades. The main raw material of hdpe double-wall corrugated pipe is high-sensitivity polyethylene. The chemical equation of high-density polyethylene is nCH2=CH2→-[-CH2-CH2-]n-. It can be seen that it is mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen. Composition, and polyethylene is difficult to react with other chemical components due to inert data. For chemical reactions, it must be assisted by catalysts. Even if chemical reactions such as combustion occur, only water and carbon dioxide can be produced. Harmful ingredients, hdpe double-wall corrugated pipe also has anti-aging and anti-corrosion, equal pipe diameter and large flow, no siltation, no scaling, no bacteria, insulation and electricity, flexible, not easy to attack, rigid cracking, excellent adaptability to the construction site The ring has large rigidity and large bearing capacity, and the pipe material is easy to move and easy to construct. It can be used to accelerate the progress of the construction period. The applicable temperature is high and the embrittlement temperature is below 70 degrees Celsius. The long life of the pipe is used in the buried place without the ultraviolet rays. For more than 50 years.

HDPE Corrugated Pipe is a truly green and environmentally friendly pipe that can be reclaimed after it has been damaged. It is a recyclable material. Therefore, hdpe double-wall corrugated pipe will be so much loved and loved by everyone. It can be seen everywhere in the drainage construction site.

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Application Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe On Drainage Pipes

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