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What Are The Characteristics Of HDPE Drainage Pipe?

Jul. 04, 2018

HDPE Drainage Pipe is a new generation of traditional steel pipe and PVC drainage pipe. It mainly undertakes the tasks of drainage of rainwater, sewage, farmland, etc. It is widely used in roads, railway subgrades, green belts, playgrounds and high water content. Drainage areas such as slope protection, and underground irrigation and drainage systems for agriculture and gardening. HDPE drain has the following features:

1. Folding drainage safety: The orifice is located in the trough. Due to the two-way action of the wave peak and the filter fabric, the orifice is not easy to be blocked, ensuring that the water permeable system is unblocked.

2. Corrosion resistance: Plastics are less likely to rust than soft spring drains.

3. Strong and flexible organic combination: The unique double corrugated structure effectively improves the external pressure strength of the product, and the drainage system will not be affected by external pressure deformation and affect the drainage effect.

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HDPE Drainage Pipe

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