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The Reason Of Water Pressure Was Used During The Polyethylene Pipes Pressure Test

Jul. 02, 2018

In the usual work, customers often ask about the pressure test of polyethylene pipes. Many people asked me why water pressure was used when pressure was tested.  The reason is as follows:

1. Due to the instability of the gas medium, the following properties of the gas are not conducive to the pressure test of the plastic pipe: (1) the volume is not limited, the flow rate is fast (2) the volume is greatly affected by the temperature (3) it is difficult to identify the pipeline leakage: Since the gas cannot be seen or touched, if the gas pressure test is used, there will be no leakage in the pipeline.

2. The physical properties of the water medium relative to the gaseous medium are more stable. In view of the stability of the physical properties of the aqueous medium, the pressure on the inner wall of the pipe is relatively uniform. The inspection effect of the pipe strength test is more accurate, and the inspection result of the rigor test is more intuitive.

Now you see the reason of water pressure was used during the Polyethylene Pipes Pressure Test.

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