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Specific Advantages Of HDPE Drainage Pipe

Sep. 08, 2018

Specific advantages of HDPE Drainage Pipe:

1. The hdpe drain pipe is stored in the open air and will not be damaged by ultraviolet radiation, and the pipe buried in the ground can be safely used for more than 50 years.

2. In the comparative experiment of hdpe tube and steel tube, it is found that the strength of hdpe tube is 4 times that of steel tube, and in the field of mud transportation, hdpe tube has better wear resistance, which also shows that it has a longer service life. And stronger economy.

3. Drainage In order to ensure that no leakage occurs, the pipeline should be concealed installation, which requires the pipe to resist external forces. The hdpe drain has good chemical resistance, most chemicals will not damage it, and it will not breed bacteria or microorganisms.

4. Compared with other materials, the hdpe drain pipe is lighter, easier to handle, simple to connect, and does not require anti-corrosion treatment. Therefore, the requirements for the foundation are not high.

5. Hdpe drain pipe installation and maintenance costs are very low, to a certain extent greatly reduced costs.

6. Hdpe drain pipe relative to other pipes, its drainage is safe, and the orifice is located in the trough, due to the two-way action of the wave crest and the filter fabric, the orifice is not easy to block, ensuring the smooth flow of the permeable system.

7. Hdpe drain pipe's unique double corrugated structure can effectively increase its external pressure strength, so that the drainage system will not be affected by external pressure deformation and affect the drainage effect.

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Specific Advantages Of HDPE Drainage Pipe

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