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Construction Features Of HDPE Gas Pipe

Mar. 29, 2019

As a HDPE Corrugated Pipe Factory, we will tell you about the construction characteristics of HDPE Gas Pipe.

1. Easy to install and maintain, easy to operate.

There are two kinds of connection methods for HDPE pipes, one is electrofusion connection and the other is hot-melt connection. The above two connection operation methods can be mastered in short-term training, the welding quality can be guaranteed, and the construction progress is also fast. In addition, gas-opening three-way operation can be carried out in the gas pipeline network that has already been operated. This process cannot be realized by using steel pipes as gas pipelines.

HDPE Gas Pipe is lighter in weight and does not require lifting equipment. It is convenient to carry and lower the groove.

HDPE pipe is easy to maintain, and it can be opened or repaired on the pipeline. There are mature technologies in this respect.

HDPE pipes have great advantages in non-excavation pipeline construction. There are many cases of crossing roads and buildings when constructing gas pipelines in urban areas. When using the non-excavation technology, the HDPE Gas Pipe has a relatively large disturbance, and the welding speed is fast and the construction is convenient.

HDPE Gas Pipe

2. Anti-corrosion treatment

HDPE pipe is a high-molecular polymer of polyethylene. It has stable chemical properties, is less corrosive by chemical substances and stray currents in the soil, and has good acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, polyethylene gas pipe does not need to be treated when it is laid. Its service life is up to 50 years.

3. Strong engineering adaptability

The municipal engineering and residential community courtyards have many professional pipelines and tight pipelines. In this complicated construction environment, HDPE pipes are flexible and flexible.

4. Low investment cost

In short, HDPE Gas Pipe materials and installation costs have obvious advantages over steel pipes, and the overall economic performance of HDPE gas pipes is far superior to steel pipes.

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