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Construction Management Countermeasures For HDPE Pipes

Apr. 01, 2019

Due to the characteristics of the HDPE pipe itself, there are also deficiencies that need to be strengthened. As a Dredging Pipe Factory, we mainly take the following five measures:

(1) The HDPE Water Supply Pipe cannot use the equipment to apply electrical signals to it, so the exact position of the buried HDPE pipe cannot be detected. The method we take on this problem is to bury the pipeline corner pile, the buried trace line and the warning tape. In combination, and to make full use of the position of the valve well for positioning, the most important point is to make accurate as-built drawings. When signing a contract with the measurement company, it is especially important to measure before the trench is backfilled.

(2) The quality of welding equipment is quite critical. We should regularly maintain the equipment and check whether the equipment is in normal operation. At the same time, the inspection of the appearance quality of the weld seam is strengthened, and the working state of the welder can also be found. This will ensure that HDPE Water Supply Pipe can be used for normal construction. For example, in the appearance quality inspection project. There is a check on the width of the unilateral, and the working condition of the heating plate can be found in time.

HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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