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Why Choose Tengyuan Poly Pipe Floats?

Mar. 04, 2019

Advantages of the Tengyuan Poly Pipe Floats:

1. Ensure that the water in the pipeline is floating;

2. The appearance color of orange is used as a warning sign to prevent impact on the pipeline;

3. Convenient inspection and maintenance of pipelines;

4. Shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and reduce the maintenance cost.

The poly pipe float has high bearing capacity, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy installation and handling, low transportation transfer cost, and stable and durable cylinder. As a Pipe Floats Factory,the poly pipe floats of Tengyuan have a long service life. Except for strong natural forces and artificial improper use, no maintenance or repair costs are required. Plastic pipe floats are easy to assemble, fast, flexible and versatile. The price is low and the cost performance is significantly better than steel floats. Reasonable and economical, the cost and time of maintenance, maintenance, replacement and overhaul can be saved. Because of its stable quality, novel style, reasonable price and excellent service, it is very popular among users.

Poly Pipe Floats

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