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What Is HDPE Dredging Pipe?

Jun. 11, 2018

HDPE Dredging Pipe applying extruding and butt welding technology, totally reveal its material advantages in terms of anti-abrasion ability. The main function is mainly used for transporting sediment, mud and other mixed debris. The purpose of the project is to excavate harbors, inbound waterways, etc., and to fill in land for the construction of docks, port areas and portside industrial areas, coastal urban land and recreational land, beach maintenance, water conservancy and flood control, and dredging of rivers in reservoir areas. HDPE dredging pipe could benefit the improvements in the water environment such as lakes and seas and ecological restoration, as well as the construction and land filling of various underwater pipeline trenches.

HDPE dredging pipe is widely used in beaches, rivers, waterways, urban environmental protection, construction and other fields. Shandong Tengyuan Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to improving the efficiency and safety of fluid delivery, realizing a healthier and more wonderful world.


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