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How To Conduct Watertightness Test With HDPE Water Supply Pipe?

Apr. 08, 2019

HDPE pipe fittings can be used in water supply pipes, in addition to UPV-C pipes, steel pipes, gray cast iron pipes, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes and spheroidal pipes. As an HDPE Corrugated Pipe Factory, TENGYUAN will give you an explanation of how HDPE Water Supply Pipe conducts watertightness experiments.

The test pressure of the HDPE Water Supply Pipe's water tightness test does not exceed the pipe pressure rating or 1.5 times the lowest pressure rating accessory in the system. When the pipeline pressure reaches the test pressure, it should be kept for a certain period of time to make the temperature of the test medium in the pipeline and the ambient temperature of the pipeline reach the same. After the temperature and pressure are stable, start timing. Under normal circumstances, the watertightness test should be stabilized for 24 hours. After the test, if there is no obvious leakage or pressure drop, it is passed.

HDPE Water Supply Pipe has become an ideal pipe for water supply projects due to its low overall cost, convenient construction, good hydraulic conditions, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and mechanical vibration resistance.

HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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