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The Development Of HDPE Pipe Material

Oct. 18, 2018

The development of HDPE Pipe Materials can generally be divided into three generations:

The first generation. It is equivalent to the current PE pipe material grade PE 63; the second generation is equivalent to the current PE 80 grade PE pipe material; the third generation, in the 1980s, the so-called "third generation PE pipe material" PE 100. Many large petrochemical companies in the world have produced a large number of PE 100 grade pipe materials, recently. The fourth generation PE pipe material PE 125 has been developed. But has not yet entered the standard.

PE for the second and third generation pipes not only significantly increases the long-term strength, but also improves the resistance to environmental stress cracking. The wall thickness can be reduced under the same use pressure. Increase the conveying cross section: increase the pressure at the same wall thickness. Improve delivery capacity. Since the economic benefits are obvious, it can be applied to occasions with large diameters and poor use environments (such as low temperature areas and seabeds), so the application field of PE pipes is broader.

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