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The Advantages Of Dredge Pipe

Aug. 01, 2018

Dredge Pipe uses high-pressure air to purge pipe dirt, rust and so on. So what are the advantages of dredging pipes?

1. High wear resistance. Among all engineering plastics, dredging pipe has the best wear resistance. The higher the molecular weight, the more wear resistant.

2. The installation is fast. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is light in weight, convenient to transport and install.

3. The steel ring and tensile strength are high. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipes can withstand wind and waves impact on the water.

4. The anti-aging properties. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has stable performance and good aging. The dredge pipe can be used on water or on the ground.

5. Long-term comprehensive benefits are good, the use cost is low.

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The Advantages Of Dredge pipe

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