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Six Major Problems In The Layout Of HDPE Pipe

Nov. 02, 2018

As the Low Flow Resistance HDPE Pipe Supplier, today I have to pay attention to the six major issues of HDPE Pipe pipe layout:

1. The HDPE Pipe buried pipeline should not pass through the foundation of the building or structure. When it is necessary to pass through, the protective foundation such as the sheath pipe should be adopted;

2. When the HDPE Pipe is laid below the low surface elevation of the building or structure foundation, it shall not be within the range of the pressure diffusion angle. The diffusion angle is generally 45°;

3. HDPE Pipe should be laid below the freezing line;

4. Residential districts, industrial parks and industrial and mining enterprises, water distribution main pipes with a nominal outer diameter of less than or equal to 200 mm, can be arranged around the building, and the net distance from the outer wall should not be less than 1.00 m;

5. HDPE Pipe is strictly prohibited from passing through rainwater inspection wells and drainage irrigation channels;

6. The minimum covering depth of the top of HDPE Pipe should not be less than 0.60m under the sidewalk, and should not be less than 1.00m under the light model road.

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