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Pressure Test Operation Of HDPE Irrigation Pipe

Mar. 20, 2019

We all know that HDPE pipes are suitable for use in water supply, gas supply, and mud transportation. To transport these, we must meet the pressure resistance and wear resistance. As an HDPE Corrugated Pipe Factory, let us introduce the pressure test operation items of HDPE Irrigation Pipe :

HDPE Irrigation Pipe

1. When the HDPE Irrigation Pipe is tested, it is found that the pipes and components are abnormal, and must be re-pressed before being repaired;

2, when pumping pressure test, the contact signal should be clearly defined, unified command; pump pump boost, pipe plugging is strictly prohibited in front;

3. During the pressure test, no pressure welding or welding work shall be carried out;

4. The flange bolts shall not be tightened when the test pressure exceeds 0.4Mpa;

5. After the pressure test is completed, the water discharge must be discharged according to the construction plan, and the surrounding environment must not be polluted, and a special person is on duty;

6. When pressure testing of high-pressure pipelines, special personnel should be set to guard against it. It is strictly forbidden for unrelated personnel to enter the pressure test zone; boost or decompression should be slow.

After the pressure test process, HDPE Irrigation Pipe is known to be durable and the welding installation is qualified. The pressure test is a necessary step before use.

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