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The Four Main Points Of HDPE Pipe Fused Connection

Feb. 23, 2019

What is the need to pay attention to the HDPE pipe fused connection? Today HDPE Pipe wholesaler will tell you the answer.

1. Before the connection of electrofusion HDPE Pipe, the visual inspection of the pipe fittings shall be carried out, and there shall be no broken wire or uneven wire winding in the pipe fittings.

2. The type of electrofusion connection electrofusion welder should meet the requirements of electrofusion fittings.

3. Capacitor connection should meet the following requirements: the connection end of the fused connection pipe should be cut flat, the connection end face is perpendicular to the pipe axis, and the dirt on the pipe and pipe joint connection surface should be cleaned. The connecting end of the pipe shall be marked according to the length of the insertion, and the entire outer circumference of the pipe joint shall be scraped. The scraping length shall not be less than the mark size, and shall be marked twice after the scraping is completed. After the pipe is inserted into the pipe, it shall be inspected according to the mark, confirmed to be inserted into place, and clamped by a special fixture. The welding parameters of the fused connection shall comply with the requirements of the pipe and pipe fitting manufacturer. The clamp should not be removed until the specified natural cooling time is reached and no external force should be applied to the joint. After the welding connection of the fused connection is completed, the visual inspection shall be carried out and the following requirements shall be met; otherwise, rework shall be carried out until the inspection is qualified. There should be no molten material flowing out of the pipe; after the welding is completed, the observation hole meets the requirements of the manufacturer; the resistance wire in the electrofusion pipe should not be exposed.

4. The electric fusion connection is to put the electrofusion pipe fitting on the pipe and the pipe fitting, and electrically heat the electric resistance wire of the preheater on the inner surface of the electrofusion pipe by the electric welding machine, and the heat energy generated to heat and melt the inner surface of the electrofusion pipe member. And the outer surface of the pipe with which it is inserted, so that it can be integrated into one body to achieve the purpose of melting.

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