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Five Major Standards For Pe Pipeline Pressure Test

Aug. 22, 2018

1. The PE Pipe should be filled with water before pressure test, the time is not less than 12h.

2. The hydrostatic pressure of the hydrostatic test shall not be less than 1.5 times the working pressure of the pipeline, and the test pressure shall not be less than 0.80 MPa.

3. The length of the hydrostatic test should not exceed 1000 m. For the pipe section with the attachment in the middle, the length of the hydrostatic test section should not exceed 500 m. Pipes with different materials in the system should be tested separately.

4. The mechanical equipment with metering device should be used for pressurization. When using spring pressure gauge, the accuracy should not be lower than 1.5, the range should be 1.3-1.5 times of test pressure, and the diameter of dial should not be less than 150mm.

5. The pressure test pipe section shall not include the water hammer eliminator, and the various types of valves included in the pipe attachment system such as the outdoor fire hydrant shall be in the fully open state.

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