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One Of The Common Problems And Measures Of The Municipal Engineering Pipe

Oct. 30, 2018

One of the common problems and measures of the Municipal Engineering Pipe:

1. Phenomenon: The displacement of the centerline of the pipeline exceeds the allowable deviation, resulting in unacceptable acceptance, water accumulation in the pipeline, and inability to connect with the upstream and downstream pipelines.

2. Cause: The measurement is inaccurate or accidentally avoiding the original structure, causing the pipe to be displaced in position on the plane, and the slope on the elevation is not smooth.

3. Hazard: Failure to meet the design requirements, failure to complete the acceptance check, water accumulation in the pipe, bricks, silt and other debris appear in the pipe during operation, causing blockage and connection with the upstream and downstream.

4. Precautionary measures: The re-testing of the pay-off line shall be carried out. After the surveyor has determined the center line of the pipeline and the position of the inspection well, the re-test shall be carried out, and the error shall meet the requirements of the specification before the next-step construction is allowed; if the structure is accidentally encountered during construction When avoiding, consult with the supervision unit and the design unit to add connecting wells at appropriate locations, which are connected in a straight line, and the connecting well angle should be greater than 135°.

5. Treatment measures: After discovering the pipeline offset, report to the construction unit, supervision unit and design unit in time to study the solution. It can be redesigned, reworked, reworked, and rebuilt.

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Municipal Engineering Pipe System

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