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Material Knowledge of HDPE Water Supply Pipe

Jun. 23, 2018

At present, China's Humble Administrator's pipe market-plastic pipe is steadily developing, PE pipe, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipe all have a place, in which the strong development momentum of PE pipe is the most impressive. The use of PE pipe is extensive. Among them, HDPE Water Supply Pipe and HDPE Gas Pipe are the two largest application fields.

HDPE Water Supply Pipe: PE pipe for water supply is the replacement product of traditional steel pipe and polyvinyl chloride drinking water pipe. The water supply pipe must withstand a certain pressure, usually use a large molecular weight, good mechanical properties of the PE resin, such as HDPE resin. 

PE resin: It is made from the polymerization of monomer ethylene. Due to different polymerization conditions such as pressure and temperature during the polymerization, different density resins can be obtained. 

And LDPE resin has become a common material for producing drinking water pipes beacuse of the high health index.

The above is a brief introduction on PE water supply pipe materials, if you have any questions, welcome to inquire, or visit our company, we sincerely welcome your arrival!

HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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