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Connection Method Of Small Diameter High Pipe And Large Diameter High Pipe

Jan. 26, 2019

HDPE pipes can be divided into three types according to different raw materials: low density high pipe, medium density high pipe, High Density High Pipe and ultra high molecular weight high pipe. The connection method is different due to the difference in density and caliber. Let HDPE Drainage Pipe Factory explain it to you today.

1. The small-diameter high pipe (below DE110) or the thin-walled high pipe is the same as the hot-melt PPR pipe method except that the heating temperature is different. Low density PE pipe (LDPE) 160 degrees, medium density 190 degrees, high density (HDPE) and ultra high molecular weight 210-235 degrees.

2. Large diameter pipe needs to use a special hot melt machine, basically divided into DE110, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 450, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1400 and other models, using docking (that is, pipe and pipe Directly melted and connected.

3. Can also be connected with electric fuse, but the cost of fused connection is relatively high, generally used for PE gas pipe connection. In the actual work, we must pay attention to the flat and clean connection of the pipe connection, so as to ensure the quality of the high pipe connection and ensure the safety of the project.

4. There is also a connection method which is flange connection. The flange connection is mainly used for connection with steel flanges, valves, etc. It is also used in the fields of dredging pipes, mud discharging pipes, etc. The tap water pipes and other fields are basically not commonly used.

In the actual construction process, it is inevitable that there will be a connection problem. It is necessary to reasonably adopt the connection method according to the situation of the site, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency of the high pipe.

These are some of the HDPE Water Supply Pipe for Municipal

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