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HDPE Siphon Pipe Has Been Greatly Developed

Sep. 15, 2018

The Siphon Drainage System uses the siphon principle to achieve drainage. It uses a roof-specific rainwater funnel to achieve gas-water separation. At the beginning, due to the action of gravity, a vacuum is generated in the rainwater pipe. When the water in the pipe is in a pressure flow state, a siphon phenomenon is formed. The drainage is continuously performed. Finally, the full flow state is reached in the rainwater pipe. During the rainfall process, the entire system is able to quickly discharge rainwater from the roof due to continuous siphoning. In 1993, the siphon drainage system was first applied to a construction project in Singapore. The effect was obvious. The emergence of the siphon drainage system brought a new revolution to the roof rainwater discharge system. As an important part of the siphon rainwater drainage system, HDPE Siphon Pipe has also been greatly developed.

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HDPE Siphon Pipe

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