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Information About HDPE Tube Specifications That You Don't Know

Nov. 08, 2018

The HDPE Pipe has a diameter ranging from DN16 to DN315 and is divided into 18 levels. The pressure level is between 0.25Mpa and 1.0Mpa, with a total of 4 grades.

The HDPE tube will be melted at a temperature between 190 ° C and 240 ° C. Using this property, the two molten parts of the tube (or tube) are in full contact and maintained at the proper pressure. After cooling, the two can be firmly integrated. Therefore, the connection mode of the PE pipe is different from that of the U-PVC pipe, and usually adopts two methods of electric hot-melt connection and hot-melt butt joint. According to the size of the pipe diameter, it can be divided into: DN ≤ 63, using injection molding hot-melt socket connection; When DN≥75, use hot melt butt joint or electrofusion socket connection; use flange or threaded connection when connecting with different materials.

In the pipeline repair method, there is a tube expansion method and a lining HDPE method.

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