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The Seven Characteristics Of HDPE Dredging Pipe

Sep. 01, 2018

The seven characteristics of HDPE Dredging Pipe:

1. Light weight, only one-eighth of the steel pipe.

2. Through the active flange connection, installation, disassembly, transportation is convenient, shorten the start-up time and improve efficiency.

3. Good flexibility, tension, high strength, flexible, pipe wall folded, squeezed, not easily broken by external force impact, pipe-to-tube connection, easy to bend, 4-8 can be bent 360 degrees, on land Connected, the area with the uneven surface within 30 degrees can be directly connected.

4. The Inner and outer walls are smooth, strong wear resistance, is 4-8 times that of steel pipes, with self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, higher conveying efficiency, 20%-30% higher than steel pipe.

5. Strong Corrosion resistance, seawater, underground and other 50 years unchanged.

6. Very Strong anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging ability, the service life is much larger than iron pipe, PVC pipe, nylon pipe and ordinary plastic pipe.

7. The Use temperature is -40 ° C to 60 ° C, can adapt to the harsh climate temperature changes, whether in water or on land for long-term use, low engineering cost, high efficiency, more convenient.

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HDPE Dredging Pipe

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