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What Should i Pay Attention To When Installing HDPE Corrugated Pipe?

Oct. 09, 2018

The HDPE Corrugated Pipe is referred to as PE bellows. It was first developed in Germany in the early 1980s. After more than ten years of development and improvement, it has evolved from a single variety to a complete product line. It is very mature in the production process and use technology. Due to its excellent performance and relatively economical cost, it has been greatly promoted and applied in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. So what issues should I pay attention to when installing HDPE Dredging Pipe China?

1. The socket should be in the direction of water flow and the mouth is in the direction of reverse flow.

2. The adjusted pipe should be broken vertically.

3. When working in the interface, clean the inside and outside of the socket and the socket first, and check whether the rubber ring is in good condition.

4. The center axis of the socket must be aligned with the center axis of the socket.

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HDPE Corrugated Pipe

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