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What Is The Difference Between HDPE Pipe And PE Pipe?

Jul. 18, 2018

The HDPE pipe is a kind of PE pipe. The difference between it and the ordinary PE Pipe is that the HDPE pipe must withstand a certain pressure. Usually, a PE resin with a large molecular weight and good mechanical properties, such as HDPE resin. The strength is 9 times that of PE pipes; HDPE has the highest wear resistance among all engineering plastics. The higher the molecular weight, the more wearable the material is, and even more than many metallic materials. Ordinary PE does not have this property.

PE is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic kind of plastic, plastic bags, cling film, etc. are PE, HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The original HDPE has a milky white appearance and a semi-transparent shape in a thin section. PE has excellent resistance to most living and industrial chemicals.

At present, our products can be used in municipal engineering, gas engineering, dredging engineering, mining engineering, agricultural irrigation, power engineering etc. And we can provide variety series HDPE Water Supply Pipes, HDPE Siphon Drain Pipes, HDPE Pipe Fittings and other more than 6000 specifications. Regarding our products, you can contact us if you have any questions.

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