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Development Of HDPE Water Supply Pipe

Feb. 18, 2019

At present, in the water supply and drainage pipeline system, HDPE Water Supply Pipe has gradually replaced traditional pipes such as cast iron pipes and galvanized steel pipes into mainstream pipes. Compared with traditional pipes, plastic pipes have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, small water flow resistance, energy saving, simple and quick installation, and low cost. They are favored by the pipeline engineering community. At the same time, with the rapid development of the petrochemical industry and the continuous advancement of plastic manufacturing technology, the output of plastic pipes has grown rapidly and the types of products have become more diverse. Moreover, plastic pipe has made great progress in the design theory and construction technology of the building, and accumulated rich practical experience, which has promoted the plastic pipe to occupy a very important position in the construction of water supply and drainage pipeline engineering, and Form an unstoppable development trend.

In China, HDPE pipe has only appeared in the market in the last two or three years. It is formed by hot extrusion using advanced production technology and technology. It has corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, low flow resistance, high strength, good toughness and light weight. Features.

After the PVC-U water supply pipeline, the HDPE pipeline has become the second largest plastic pipeline in the world.

In Europe, Long Life-span HDPE Water Supply Pipe has been developed and applied more rapidly. HDPE pipeline has gradually replaced the status of PVC-U pipeline and become the main consumption pipeline. At the same time, HDPE tubes are gradually being used outside Europe.

Development Of HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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