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How To Distinguish Between MPP pipe And HDPE Pipe?

Dec. 07, 2018

It is more environmentally friendly than the old-fashioned plastic pipes. The current MPP tube power tube is more environmentally friendly, and it has a long service life and can effectively solve the problem Of not being durable and often changing. However, there are so many brands and specifications on the market that many consumers can't tell what is the MPP tube and what is the HDPE tube. Let HDPE Gas Pipe Manufacturer teach you how to identify MPP Tubes and HDPE tubes today?

In fact, understanding the properties of MPP and HDPE materials is not difficult to identify MPP tubes and non-MPP tubes; MPP tubes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, the tubes are rigid, and HDPE tubes are thermoplastic because they cannot withstand high temperature The cutting end of the pipe hot melt butt joint machine can be used to cut the pipe end. Because the MPP pipe has high temperature resistance, it will not break down and the cutting surface The HDPE pipe can not resist When cut at high temperature, it will soften and break down the rough surface. In addition, people familiar with the two types of tubing can also recognize the MPP tube by tapping the sound by Tapping the tube due to the rigid sound.

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