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What Are The Advantages Of The Siphon Drainage System?

Jan. 21, 2019

The drainage capacity of the Siphon Drainage System is limited. The drainage capacity of different places is different. The drainage channel has a great relationship with the size of the building. The drainage flow is divided into two types, ground and underground drainage flow, which can also be called drainage and drainage flow. Drainage can determine the size of the drainage channel, and the drainage can control the groundwater level so that the maximum on the ground and the groundwater level can be determined.

There are many advantages of the siphon drainage system. Its standard is determined according to the size of the drainage project. It is also divided into two standards: drainage and drainage. The drainage of water on the ground and the control of the groundwater level are all The requirements and norms of the national and local water conservancy departments are combined with the comprehensive analysis of the local economic development status, geographical environment, natural conditions, engineering benefits, energy, etc. Different geological conditions and soils have different control over the water level.

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